60SecondTraffic Review – A Patent Pending Free Traffic App 2021

60SecondTraffic Review

A new PATENT PENDING online income app

If you're tired of having a $0.00 balance in your Paypal, Clickbank, and other online accounts, a new PATENT PENDING online income app called 60SecondTraffic.

60SecondTraffic builds a following of 10's of 1000's of people FOR its users on autopilot in just 60 seconds a pop – guaranteeing free clicks, leads, & commissions to virtually ANY affiliate link or offer!

And it works its magic by building a LIST of online followers for its users on AUTOPILOT meaning YOU don't have to build a following cuz it's all DONE-FOR-YOU.

60ST lets you schedule FAST, FREE clicks & traffic to any affiliate or offer link you want. And starts sending you as many as 150+ clicks a pop – over and over again, guaranteeing 60ST app users fresh free clicks, leads, and commissions DAILY.

  • Schedule 100% free traffic in 60 seconds, delivered on autopilot
  • 1st-ever patent pending free traffic app
  • Nothing else like it – new free source
  • Deliver 1000’s of free leads & buyers to any link
  • Get free clicks, leads & sales today
  • Instant, fast, and free
  • 100% newbie friendly
  • Works in any niche
  • Supplement the autopilot lifestyle
  • No cap on free daily clicks

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60SecondTraffic Review


Overview – 60SecondTraffic Review

  • Product: 60SecondTraffic
  • Vendor: Bryan Winters
  • Launch Date: 2021-Apr-01
  • Launch Time: 9:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $17
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is 60SecondTraffic?

60ST is a groundbreaking new cloud-based online free traffic app. Simply log in, schedule your free autopilot traffic to any link in 60 seconds, and then sit back while 60ST delivers up to 150+ free clicks a pop. Rinse and repeat – endlessly.

60SecondTraffic – let's call it “60ST” for short – is a new Patent Pending FREE online traffic app proven to send as many as 150+ free leads and buyers to ANY LINK in 60 seconds a pop and do it over, and over, and over day in and day out – FOREVER.

He doesn't know if you've ever “scheduled” an email list blast.

Or any other type of “set it and forget it” traffic that is delivered on AUTOPILOT once scheduled.

Or scheduled PPC traffic.

But if you have, then you've already got a good feel for what getting traffic with 60ST is like (except far easier than any of the above).

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What are the great features of 60SecondTraffic?

The best ideas are the simplest ideas. And holy smokes, is 60ST simple.

If you can copy and paste a link online – you know, like an affiliate link, or link to any family-friendly website.

It really is that simple, and 110% newbie friendly – while remaining a powerful and viable traffic source good enough for the pros.

Then YOU have all it takes to get 100’s of FREE leads and buyer clicks with 60ST. Over and over again. Day in and day out.

What you will discover?
  • Step#1: You log into the app.
  • Step#2. You schedule your free traffic to ANY affiliate or offer link. (This is where hiz 60 Second Rule “happens”!)
  • Step#3. You sit back while their app sends you the traffic like an obedient little robot – and that's literally all there is to it.

Their “posting interface” is quite possibly the most simple thing you've ever seen online.

Funnel Detail

OTO#1 – 60ST's 500 DAILY CLICKS MACHINE – $47 With $27 Downsell

OTO1 unlocks UNLIMITED free daily ads for users. The 60ST basic app allows users to schedule/run up to 15 ads on their network per day.

OTO#2 – 60ST's FREE TRAFFIC AUTOBOT – $67 With $37 Downsell

This exciting upgrade gives their 60ST app users the ability to automatically “Feature” their regular ads, effectively DOUBLING their traffic and exposure on complete autopilot.

OTO#3 – 60ST's FREE $700 ADS GENERATOR -$67 With $37 Downsell

You can expect 100's and even 1000's of additional free clicks on complete autopilot with this upgrade. OTO#3 unlocks their “Super Feature” tool, which in turn enables 60ST app users to post additional, completely different ads on their network – essentially banner ads that run for 30 days straight (each) on their network.

OTO#4 – 60ST's $1000 PAYDAY WIDGET – $97 With $47 Downsell

Takers of OTO4 are automatically monetized with a total of 7 back-end offers – including a high ticket webinar offer that pays up to $1,000-a-pop.

OTO#5 – 60ST's 6 FIGURE CRUISE CLUB – $197 With $97 Downsell

These include Stacker, Shuffler, MonsterMode and more – $1000's worth of award winning income systems at a fraction of the regular price.

Takers of OTO5 are set up with SIX additional income streams (multiple streams of income) delivered in the form of getting instant, fully upgraded access to 6 of their other best selling income systems.

Why should you buy it? – 60SecondTraffic Review

Making money online is not only FAST. It only costs a few dollars to get started – right here on this page.

So to anyone who’s burned months or even years trying to “SPEND your way to success”. It’s time to start doing the exact OPPOSITE of what you’ve been doing.

It’s so stupid-simple that you’re gonna feel like you ought to have done some actual WORK to harvest the clicks, leads, and buyers it delivers like clockwork.

To be honest, thank you for reading my 60SecondTraffic Review! See you later.