360maker Review – Create 360 Degree Videos For Metaverse Easily

360maker Review

FASTEST & Easiest 360° Product Spin Demo and Video Creator

Since the pandemic started, one of the most common questions that businesses asked was how to make their products more accessible to the people who use them.

Imagine being able to make your customers reach for your product in their hands?

The rise of videos has changed how businesses use them. It has allowed people to control how they experience their products and services. Videos are now more than just a marketing tool. They are also used to give people control over their experience.

Today's videos are more interactive than ever before, and you need to make sure that they're engaging enough to keep your customers engaged.

An overwhelming 91% of online shoppers said they want product demos to be rotated in 360 degrees before they make a purchase decision.

ThreeSixtyMaker is FIRST-TO-JVZOO video app that lets anyone create fully immersive 360 spin videos for ANY product you sell online.

ThreeSixtyMaker is a powerful tool that enables creators to easily create 360 product demos that give customers the ultimate product experience.

Imagine being able to produce a 3D-Spin video of any product or even an object in just a few seconds. Now imagine thinking of something cool that somebody can do with your 3D-Spin video, but it takes 7 minutes to create one. 360maker solves both problems, by being FASTEST & EASIEST 360° Product Spin Video Creator. A tool which allows you to produce high quality 360° 3D-Spin videos in just a few seconds.

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360maker Review



  • Product: 360maker
  • Vendor: Abhi Dwivedi & Rohit Shah
  • Launch Date: 2021-Nov-30
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $67
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is 360maker? – 360maker Review

360maker or ThreeSixtyMaker is a tool that lets users turn any object or person into a 3D-Spin video.

It creates 360° 3D-Spin videos of any product or object that lets users create 3D-based product spin videos for retailers and clients. It works seamlessly across various platforms such as Shopify and is compatible with all major video formats.

Get ready for the Metaverse by transforming objects into something that people can consume and interact with easily.

360maker is a simple and effective way to create 3D-Spin videos by taking photos of various objects and people. Just shoot them and then transform them into high-quality videos.

360maker is the first-to-JVZoo app that lets anyone create lightning-fast 360 videos that are ready to be shared on any platform. It works seamlessly across various platforms such as WordPress, AIWA, and Shopify.

ThreeSixtyMaker is a digital commerce solution that lets you create 360 video content for any product or item. It’s a great way to help local and online businesses get started in this booming industry.

ThreeSixtyMaker is a revolutionary app that lets you create 360 product videos with just a smartphone. Shoot 360 videos with your smartphone by using ThreeSixtyMaker. It turns your product into a unique and high-quality product spin video.

This is a simple and powerful app that lets anyone create stunning 360 videos in minutes or less.

ThreeSixtyMaker is the First-To-JVZoo app that lets anyone create 360 videos that are ready to be embed in WordPress, AIWA or any other page builder.

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What are the great features of 360maker? – 360maker Review

  • 360 video creator with built-in camera. Brand Spinner for maximum brand retention. This tool can create 360 video clips with ease. Commercial Usage License Included.
  • 100% mobile-friendly, responsive product viewers that can be viewed in any device. Interactive Hotspots support call-to-actions and clickable links.
  • This feature is fully-compatible with all websites. It supports interactive hotspots and mobile responsive design.
  • Export videos in 1080p. Videos can also be shared with Facebook & YouTube.
  • Export 360 videos to embed in email campaigns. Support 1080p high-definition videos.
  • These add-on features will make your videos stand out. They can also accommodate call buttons and clickable headers.
  • This app features a high-resolution zoom feature that allows you to get up-close with your videos. It also comes with predefined headers and footers.
  • Fully-customizable domains for your videos hosted with us. All your videos are hosted with us.
  • Smart loading feature makes sure that your website loads fast. No limits on the product views per month.
  • Get started with unlimited websites. Get optimized images that will get noticed by search engines.
  • Sell it as a service and get rid of the branding. It comes with an unlimited number of websites that can be installed.
  • AI Image Enhancer Tool lets you add text-to-speech to your Images. It removes background from photos and enhances them with extreme quality.
  • Get a rich library of music for all your videos.
  • Create unlimited sub-accounts to allow team members to easily publish and distribute Instagram content. Create professional Instagram content for clients & make money.
  • This app is fully compliant with the GDPR. It lets you easily follow video & PDF tutorials.
  • No need to connect ANY API to connect your clients accounts. Just enter their details and click connect.
  • GDPR Compliant Application. Newbie Friendly – Very easy to use interface.
  • Create your own video production agency that will sell high-quality 360 spin services to thousands of online businesses worldwide.
  • Shopify Store Finder is a tool that helps storeowners find products that they need. It's also a great way to get started with DFY agency materials.
  • Cloud Based. No download required. Support Paypal and Stripe payments within your website.
Who is 360maker for?

For Shopify, Amazon, eCommerce Marketers

360 product spin demos are easy to create and sell online that help businesses convert their website visitors into paying customers. They can be created just from your smartphone.

For Affiliate Marketers

replace your static images with interactive product demo videos that can be embeddable in email campaigns.

Get started with this easy-to-use product creator and video editor. It's a must-have for anyone who wants to turn their product demos into interactive marketing tools.

For Local/Agency Marketers

build your own product spin agency with ThreeSixtyMaker. It features a white label-ready interface and an easy-to-use product spin viewer.

For Video Marketers

ThirtySixMaker is an immersive marketing tool that lets you create an immersive experience for your website's visitors. It features a number of features that will convince even the most skeptical of customers to click that Buy Button.

Demo Video

How does it work?
  • Step#1 – Upload the photos you want to convert into a 3D video or product spin demo.
  • Step#2 – 100% customize your 3D project with music, voiceovers, captions and logo.
  • Step#3 – ThreeSixtyMaker lets you create 360 videos and spin demos that can be shared on websites, published on YouTube or downloaded as an offline file.
Funnel Detail

Upsell#1: ThreeSixtyMaker Unlimited ($97/yr)

The ThreeSixtyMaker Unlimited upgrade is a great way to get unlimited access to all the features of the app without having to limit your video creation. It includes: UNLimited 360 Videos, UNLimited 360 GIFs, UNLimited HTML View Pages, and more. Ultra HD Video Export – Host unlimited videos with 128GB Space/Bandwidth. TrimeReel App Access – Video clips can be rotated and loaded faster.

Upsell#2: ThreeSixtyMaker Professional ($67)

This upgrade includes many new features and professional tools that will help you do more with ThreeSixtyMaker.

Use Your Own Domain
Reseller Panel – 50 Accounts
No ThreeSixyMaker Branding on Viewer – Fully Rebrand It As Yours
Works With 40+ Languages
AI Image Enhancer Tool – 3000 Credits
AI Background Remover Tool – 3000 Credits
Add your own VoiceOver
Add your own Music
Background Music Library
Add Text To Speech In Videos (50+ Languages)

Upsell#3: ThreeSixyMaker Agency ($47)

ThreeSixtyMaker Agency is a leading provider of Metaverse Agency Website design and development services. They offer a full suite of agency-white label branding and web design solutions.

6 stunning & compelling video commercials to promote your video creation agency. Also, get DFY Client Contracts, Facebook Ad Templates, and more!

Upsell#4: ThreeSixtyMaker Whitelabel ($297)

With the ThreeSixtyMaker White label, you will be able to rebrand AIWA and create a brand new website and sell users accounts.

Why should you buy it? – 360maker Review

Facebook is not the only one scrambling to catch up with the latest digital wave. Around the world, businesses are also looking for people to help them get ready for this massive transition.

This call will teach you how to get started with Facebook’s Metashifting technology, which is transforming how videos are presented on the platform.

In 360maker, they'll teach you how to make videos and demos that are fully Metaverse-ready. You'll also learn how to create 360 videos and spin demos using your smartphone.

The live training begins in less than 30 minutes. To get in, make sure to register and get your GotoWebinar links ready.

Three-Sixty Maker is a tech that takes any photo from your phone and displays it in a 360 view of any object or person.

ThreeSixtyMaker is a revolutionary product that enables retailers to give their customers a “Try Before They Buy” experience at home.

360makeris a 360 degree video creator that turns any object, person, or product into 3D-Spin Video. It's a must-have for anyone in the real estate, furniture, and restaurant industries.

Want to make a 360 product spin video or view one? Tired of difficult-to-use, expensive solutions? 360maker is the Fastest & Easiest way to create YOUR own 360 product spin video or view ANYONE ELSE’S. This 100% cloud-based platform is the easiest way to get started because it does all the work for you.

To be honest, thank you for reading my 360maker Review! See you later.