20K Extra Review – Add An Extra 20k Per Month to Your Business

20K Extra Review

A complete training program for marketers of all levels

Are you looking for a proven way to scale your business?

I’m talking about an additional $20,000 every month…

Without massive changes, overheads or doing anything out of the ordinary.

Kevin Fahey who has a gift for creating formulas, case studies and training programs that help the masses has just opened the doors to 20K Extra.

Inside you’ll discover the fastest way to add $20,000 per month to your business.

Even if you are just starting off, you can follow his successful business models and strategies to find the best system for you. No more spinning your wheels.

Why You Need To Grab 20K Extra RIGHT NOW:

  • 100% Beginner Friendly. Anyone Can Make This Work!
  • Unique System to Start & Scale Your Business
  • Step-By-Step Training ANYONE Can Understand and Follow
  • Takes No More Than a Couple Of Hours Per Day
  • No Tech-Skills or Experience Needed
  • For Beginners & Advanced Marketers Alike

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my 20K Extra Review for more details.

20K Extra Review



  • Product: 20K Extra
  • Vendor: Kevin Fahey
  • Launch Date: 2020-Feb-11
  • Launch Time: 9:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $13
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

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What is 20K Extra?

As they all know there are various types of online business models that include low ticket launches and promotions, mid ticket launches and promotions, software, high ticket, consulting and recurring income. Majority of marketers dabble in at least 3 of these models, but which model is providing the best results, which model is the most scalable and how can you adjust the numbers to make an additional $20,000 per month?

That’s exactly what 20K Extra teaches. He clearly explains that there’s no right or wrong business model as all the methods are capable of bringing in an additional $20,000 per month and they show live examples of each.

This training can be used for those just starting off to study profitable business models, have a plan and be ready to take action. For those who are already earning, they show you how to plug in your numbers into the system and see how very adjustments can bring you thousands or tens of thousands extra every month.

The core 20K Extra training is inside Module#1 and Module#2 and we’ve included 3 hours of additional affiliate marketing training plus 4 hours of product creation training for those who want more high-quality training on any of those models.

Module#1 – Introduction: 13 minutes 37 seconds

Module#2 – Part 1: The Six Modules 20 minutes 15 seconds

Module#2 – Part 2: The Worksheet Example 16 minutes 59 seconds

Module#2 – Part 3: Getting Your Data 6 minutes 06 seconds

Module#3 – Affiliate Marketing Blueprint (18 Videos) 201 minutes 3 seconds

  • Introduction: 3 minutes 31 seconds
  • The Top 3 Affiliate Networks: 13 minutes 37 seconds
  • What Makes A Good Affiliate: 4 minutes 29 seconds
  • Picking The Right Product: 32 minutes 57 seconds
  • Promotion Planning: 12 minutes 45 seconds
  • Making Connections: 10 minutes 02 seconds
  • Getting Approved: 12 minutes 04 seconds
  • Creating Your Review Video: 12 minutes 39 seconds
  • Creating Your Bonus Page: 24 minutes 26 seconds
  • Creating Your Blog Post: 7 minutes 35 seconds
  • Creating Your Squeeze Page: 9 minutes 52 seconds
  • Preparing For The Traffic Influx: 10 minutes 02 seconds
  • Preselling Bonus Page Tip: 3 minutes 53 seconds
  • Free Traffic With Facebook: 7 minutes 10 seconds
  • FB Messenger Hacks: 13 minutes 44 seconds
  • Getting Free Traffic With Social Media: 3 minutes 51 seconds
  • $5 Per Day Traffic & Leads: 8 minutes 45 seconds
  • Scaling Up With Paid Traffic: 9 minutes 41 seconds

Module#4 – Product Creation Training (10 Videos) 4 Hours, 15 minutes 11 seconds

  • Setting Up A Sales Funnel: 18 minutes 56 seconds
  • Setting Up Your JV Page: 10 minutes 59 seconds
  • Launch Your First Product With No JVs: 13 minutes 23 seconds
  • Making Our Your Promotion: 12 minutes 12 seconds
  • Closing High Ticket Sales: 14 minutes 57 seconds
  • Leveraging Profits: 21 minutes 31 seconds
  • Advanced Affiliate Attraction: 62 minutes 28 seconds
  • Super Funnel Training: 81 minutes 44 seconds
  • Trello Training: 5 minutes 19 seconds
  • Product Launching Calculator: 9 minutes 40 seconds

Bonus Files Included:

  • 20K Extra Spreadsheet Formula
  • 20K Extra The Six Methods Spreadsheet Formula
  • My Personal Accounts Planner Spreadsheet Formula
  • Product Launch Calculator Spreadsheet Formula
  • Additional Bonuses Included
  • Solo Ad Escape
  • Dropout Entrepreneur
  • 11 Questions To Success
  • Open Rate Explosion

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What are the great features of 20K Extra?

Video Training, Case Study & Formula Showing You How Any Business Can Add An Extra $20,000 Per Month To Their Business. Newbies can experience there first $20,000 year and experience marketers can experience their first $20,000 WEEK!

It does not matter what your business is or what you are selling. This training will be relevant and will help you. Kevin uses six business models to show you live examples, explaining the benefits of each and how any one of these methods alone can work to achieve your goal.

You also discover how you can mix and match using his formula, to see what adjustments you need to make to add an extra 20k per month to your business. For those who are just starting off and not earning, you can see real-life examples of what's working and what direction to take. There are hours of exclusive bonus training included, so you'll have all the information you need.

Inside you’ll discover the fastest way to add $20,000 per month to your business.

Even if you are just starting off, you can follow six successful business models and strategies to find the best system for you. No more spinning your wheels.

What you will get?

Inside The 20K Extra:


Inside the video training he's going to share his own internal internet marketing system he's personally used to add an Extra 20K Per Month to his bottom line… In a matter of 60 days…


He wants you to get results FAST… That’s why he's including Real Life Case Study when you get this RIGHT NOW.

In this case study he shares his results he got with these same exact strategies he teaches inside 20K Extra.


As a part of 20K Extra Offer, you'll get access to his personal business action-plan and internal sheets to plan out your expenses and returns to the last penny… For Undeniable and Inevitable Success…

Why should you buy 20K Extra? – 20K Extra Review

Why is it different?

No one is providing in-depth, real-life case studies like this, especially not of the price Kevin is charging.

Most products provide an outline or guide to a particular method which are geared towards a specific audience. For example, improve your SEO, improve your video rankings, etc. 20K Extra shows any business owner / online marketer how to add an extra 20K per month to their bottom line.

The training comes from over 12 years of experience from a marketer who has a reputation for helping people and always overdelivering.

In total, you'll get over 7 hours of training, 3 formulas, 4 PDF's and access to a Facebook group for around 12 bucks.

Most importantly, this is a product that can give you a clear path and literally change your life. You would be crazy to pass on it.

It's 100% risk-free. You can check it out, and if you're not blown away with what you get, you are protected by a 14-day money-back guarantee.


To be honest, thank you for reading my 20K Extra Review! See you later.