2020 Signature Series PLR Review – Honest Review

2020 Signature Series PLR Review

The Most Elegant, High-Quality, and Advanced PLR Ever Made

This is just crazy.

Your own “signature series” of courses… with actual human on-screen presenters.

Yeah, you heard that right. Real, “talking-head” professionals presenting these courses on your behalf.

It’s never been done before. And it’s game changing. This will DRASTICALLY boost the perceived value of your courses. And you get FULL white label PLR rights. Rebrand them (or don’t) and incorporate these into your business right now.

Big names like Ryan Deiss, Frank Kern, and others…

If you go into their high-ticket training…

It’s often NOT THEM presenting the training!

They have team members presenting courses on their behalf.

For example: With Frank Kern, sometimes it’ll be his paid ads guru presenting that training. Not Frank himself.

For Ryan Deiss, it’ll be the social/community guru presenting the social course, or the traffic guru teaching the traffic course. Not Ryan himself.

Why do these big names often have another presenter presenting for them?

Cuz they’re the bosses! The leaders. The kings! (and queens).

It’s expected that they’ll delegate this stuff to their underlings.


If we’re supposed to emulate successful industry titans…

How can you emulate this?

How can you have your own premium quality courses, delivered by awesome on-screen personalities presenting the courses ON YOUR BEHALF?

Well, that problem’s just been solved.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my 2020 Signature Series PLR Review for more details.

2020 Signature Series PLR Review



  • Product: 2020 Signature Series PLR
  • Vendor: Steven Alvey
  • Launch Date: 2020-May-11
  • Launch Time: 9:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $10
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

What is 2020 Signature Series PLR?

Signature Series is a brand new line of premium, gorgeous, high production value PLR courses that you’ll actually be proud to offer to your subscribers and customers.

Want to “wow” your customers and clients?

Then your stuff has got to look this good.

Not only does it have to be elegant and gorgeous on the outside, to get them to opt-in or buy. But it’s gotta look great on the inside too so they’ll keep coming back for more.

You’re probably hearing about on-screen professional presenters, about elegant and stunning graphics, about a visual style that somehow, magically, is both incredibly beautiful and unforgettable, while at the same time being generic or neutral enough to incorporate into your own brand identity, without having to rebrand (if you don’t want to).

You’re probably hearing about it being the steal of the century at a clinically insane special launch price.

But I’d like to talk about another aspect.

The quality of the actual course content itself.

No big surprise here: it’s fantastic.

A lot of PLR can sometimes miss the mark. It’s boring, old, outdated, clumsy, full of errors, low voice over quality, low resolution, etc.

The actual course content in these PLR lessons is actually pretty damn sweet.

Apparently these guys didn’t think the old game changing Viking PLR franchise of theirs took things far enough.

Now they’ve set the bar for PLR quality even higher.

This is an asset you NEED to acquire right now, before the price goes up.

Read more in my 2020 Signature Series PLR Reviews.

What are the great features of 2020 Signature Series PLR? – 2020 Signature Series PLR Review

  • A mind-blowing low price compared to the astronomical value.
  • The ultimate personal brand asset.
  • World-class PLR courses with “talking head” presenters on-camera.
  • A chance to get ahead of the curve on a critical trend.
  • Ability to instantly emulate top, famous entrepreneurs like Kern, Porterfield, Deiss.
  • Incredibly elegant, premium looking PLR!
  • A ridiculous “keep almost everything” dual guarantee.
  • MEGA BONUS, a 1-on-1, secret-revealing coaching call between you and Steven Alvey.
  • Thousands of dollars in EXTREME bonuses!
Demo Video

What You Get Access To Today?

You're getting all of this:

Module#1: Funnel Building PLR Course

This high-production value course dives deep into planning and creating killer sales funnels. Your customers need this if they're going to succeed in business!

Includes on-screen video presenter and FULL White Label PLR rights.

Module#2: Search Advertising PLR Course

This high-quality video course takes your customers through the process of planning creating and running their paid search advertising campaigns!

Includes on-screen video presenter and FULL White Label PLR rights.

Module#3: Lead Generation PLR Course

This premium video course helps your customers build their email lists by walking them through the steps of creating a lead generation campaign!

Includes on-screen video presenter and FULL White Label PLR rights.

Module#4: Super Easy Customizable Files

These packs come with easy to edit PSD source files for all the graphics, so you can effortlessly customize them, rebrand them, rename them, whatever you want! Seriously, though, look at that. “Pirate Search Ads”. LMAO.

Module#5: Effortless Video Branding

Easily brand these videos as your own by adding your logo or company name to the videos as a watermark!

Module#6: On-Screen Personal Re-Branding

Replace the presenter with YOU!

Don't worry, this is easier than it sounds and can be REALLY powerful for building your personal brand online.

Funnel Detail – 2020 Signature Series PLR Review

Front-End: $9.95

PLR Like You've NEVER Seen Before

OTO-1: $67

“Complete Your Collection” Full Library. This is the famous OTO responsible for those crazy EPCs.

OTO-2: $147-197

COMPLETELY DFY Business Setup!

OTO-3: $147-197

Source Code and PLR Rights to their Award Winning Lead Gen Software!

OTO-4: $74 (after on-page coupon)

A Chance to License THIS Funnel with 100% Commish Going to Them.

Why should you buy 2020 Signature Series PLR?

What is the ULTIMATE critical, must-have asset for building a credible personal brand?

I’m talking a personal brand with authority. Where people see your website or blog and realize, “wow, this guy/gal knows their stuff. I’m gonna keep reading”.

What’s the ONE critical thing that does that?

A long time ago, it might have been a book. But… people don’t read those anymore, and everyone and their mother’s dog has one on Amazon.

No, no…

The one, critical, ultimate, must-have, authority-building thing for successful personal brands today… is a premium online course.

Not a crappy tutorial or set of powerpoint slides.

A REAL, premium, high production value, high perceived value, visually attractive, online course, or series of courses, that defines them and their brand. That acts as the core of their online offerings.

Their main course.

Their “flagship” course.

Often called a “master class”.

Think about it.

  • Marie Forleo has B-School and Copy Cure.
  • Todd Brown has E5 Camp.
  • Amy Porterfield’s Starter Kit
  • Scott Olford’s Relevancy Engine
  • Frank Kern’s Mass Conversion
  • Dan Lok’s HTC

The list goes on and on.

And most of them have a handful of these signature courses. Not just one.

If you want to have a successful personal brand and be seen as an authority, you NEED a killer online course and preferably a whole series of killer online courses. You need an attractive, high production value “Signature Series” of your own.

To stick right there on the home page or the “products” page for your personal brand website.

And there’s no easier or quicker way to accomplish that, than by clicking here and grabbing this borderline clinically insane deal.

To be honest, thank you for reading my 2020 Signature Series PLR Review! See you later.