2020 KickStart Bundle Review – Biggest Software Bundle EVER

2020 KickStart Bundle Review

ALL in One Suite of TOP SELLERS, Marketing Proven Apps

Imagine being able to replace critical business tools that cost thousands of dollars each month!

Imagine grabbing a lifetime deal to 7 Software tools with Agency Licenses for just ONE PRICE!

2020 KickStart Bundle will help you manage your social media, create FASCINATING design assets, amazing looking websites, and help you grow your business in general!

Kickstart Bundle is a cloud based application with access to these 7 softwares with reseller panel, so you can resell this to your private clients, all you literally need is an internet connection!

And The 2020 KickStart Bundle is the perfect vehicle to make that happen.

Everything is being handed to your on a silver platter. The software, marketing materials, support, and more.

Not to mention the awesome bonuses that also come included with this AMAZING offer.

The best part?

Most of these deals grant you LIFETIME access. Pay once and never worry about another pesky payment again.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my 2020 KickStart Bundle Review for more details.

2020 KickStart Bundle Review



  • Product: 2020 KickStart Bundle
  • Vendor: Danny Adetunji
  • Launch Date: 2020-Jan-17
  • Launch Time: 9:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $37
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

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What is 2020 KickStart Bundle?

2020 KickStart Bundle is a bundle of Some of Their Most Successful Software Platforms packaged together, and They’re Making You Available To You For Only Pennies On the Dollar!

And that’s it. Everything you need to run your own software business or just use to build your own personal business is already setup for you. Just tap in and profit. You will be getting Reseller Licenses to 7 of their BEST PRODUCTS for $30.

Here’re the products:

1 – Reseller license to Pixielogo Software (Worth: $297)

Pixielogo is their groundbreaking app that lets you quickly and easily create tons of amazing logos and mockups in 60 seconds or less.

There’s no huge learning curves or complicated software platforms like Photoshop. It’s as simple as pointing and clicking and you’ve got a bonafide professional logo.

2 – Reseller license to PixelMate Software (Normal: $197)

PixelMate is the world’s best full-featured web-based app that lets you create any type of animated images, banner ads, gif, HTML 5, and video ads with your brand, text, images, and logo in just minutes.

PixelMate allows anybody (regardless of skill) to create unlimited stunning animated campaigns in just minutes. Not only that but at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional!

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know a single thing about design, with over 1000 “Done For You” beautiful crafted templates to choose from, you can find one that matches your needs and customize it to perfection.

This works for anyone, including newbies, no design skills or experience needed.

You can finally be able to create stunning eye-catching graphic campaigns with ease, to help you increase conversions, drive more sales and keep you ahead of your competitors.

3 – Reseller license to PixielogoLocal Software (Normal price: $297)

So now that you have a brand new design business in PixieLogo, you’re going to need a way to get customers right?

That’s the magic of PixieLogo Local. With this option, everything you need to run a profitable digital agency is available at your fingertips from the very start.

To create a ton of these tools would set you back a few thousand and not to mention weeks or even months!

But we’re going to also include PixieLogo Local in The 2020 KickStart Bundle because it’s the best way for you to succeed quickly. Plus, it’s the perfect compliment to PixieLogo!

4 – Reseller license to EngagiSuite (Normal price: $297)

Even though you’ll have the tools to build various kinds of businesses with The 2020 KickStart Bundle, you’ll still need a way to generate traffic.

That’s where Engagisuite comes in to play. With Engagisuite you can generate tons of likes, shares, and viral campaigns that create an avalanche of traffic, leads, and sales!

You can tap into multiple social media platforms from one easy to use dashboard inside of Engagisuite. In short, you can grow a massive following that you can turn into an ongoing cash traffic machine.

Normally, you would have to spend hours upon hours trying to achieve these tasks manually. And you still wouldn’t get as much done with Engagisuite! But with this offer, you’ll be able to manage your social media campaigns easily and build traffic that sustains your business.

5- Reseller license to XDealy (Normal price: $147)

Deal sites are amazing. But did you also know that they can be extremely profitable?

There’s a reason why sites like App Sumo, HSN (Home Shopping Network), QVC, and others do so well.

It’s because they offer special deals on in-demand products for a limited time. Meaning that if the potential customer wants to get the deal for a discount or some special add on, they have to order within a certain time frame right there on the site!

This introduces a MAJOR level of scarcity and has been known to put tons of cash in people’s pockets who use this method. And that’s what xDealy can do for you.

By allowing you to create your own deal pages for various products, you can boost your bottom line easily. You can even use it for products you don’t own as an affiliate with special bonuses!

6- Reseller license to FB Shopr (Normal price: $197)

I’m sure you already know that Facebook is one of the top most popular sites in the world right?

But did you know that you can also use it as a major profit generator?

Now if you go and try and sell on Facebook outright, you’ll fail terribly.

But you have to know how to schmooze up to the Facebook gods so that they open the gate to all the leads and sales you can handle.

And that’s where FB Shopr comes in. With this app, you can setup your products and services for sale right within the Facebook ecosphere.

7- Reseller license to IG Engagr (Normal price: $149) With the sales materials of each product

Finally, I’m going to make sure you’re able to tap into an unlimited stream of traffic on another popular site in the world and that’s Instagram!

People are making a killing from their followers through boosting businesses and even sponsorships.

But trying to build that following can be a pain. Just the amount of posts, scheduling, and more can be extremely frustrating.

Listen, if you truly want to kill it on Instagram, then you need to automate messaging as well as your posts scheduling. IG Engagr does that without breaking a sweat.

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What are the great features of 2020 KickStart Bundle? – 2020 KickStart Bundle Review

These seven applications included with The 2020 KickStart Bundle helps you build all around business and profit. Just a handful of those features include:

  • Sell your products from Facebook messenger and your Facebook page
  • Mass message users and manage products
  • AI bot capabilities to help you with customer management, replies to inquiries, and more
  • Create amazing deals that visitors gobble up and buy
  • Generate social media traffic easily
  • Get access to tons of high quality royalty free images
  • Integrate with top applications online to make your business run easy (i.e. YouZign)
  • Generate viral campaigns that bring the cash
  • Create scarcity deal pages and deal of the day pages to boost revenue
  • Create animated professional designs
  • Grow your social media profiles and turn that into income
  • Dominate freelance marketplaces easily
  • 1000’s of animated templates included
  • Create tons of logos and mockups with a click of a mouse
  • And a lot more!
Funnel Detail – 2020 KickStart Bundle Review


They want to offer you Reseller license to 7 of their most converting software and tools plus the up sells for a one time price. They want you to get all the social media tools, design and branding tools they need to crush 2020. This bundles also comes with Agency license for all 7 software package


A cloud-based stock membership sitet with over 25,000+ . sttock videos and stock images. These stock images and videos are 100% unique, never seen before and never on any free stock site. There are over 12000+ HD stock videos and 13000 stock images in HD format.


Get 500 Brand New, Freshly curated HD images every month without any monthly fees. Stay ahead of the crowd and keep your engagement future proof by injecting these new HD images to your marketing.

OTO3 – KICKSTART PAGES – $97 – $127

Kickstart Pages allows you to fire both your copywriter and designer and gives you the power to create fast loading secure pages for your business in minutes. It's a complete solution for your business.

The only page builder that also handles your page copy. The designs and content are tested and proven to convert.


Allows you to automatically build local website and review sites to promote your product or affiliate offers. Over 50 Designed to convert blogs with prewritten content redy for you to monetize.

Why should you buy 2020 KickStart Bundle?

I’m sure you already agree that selling software can bring you a ton of money quickly right?

But there’s just one problem. It’s creating the software. Not to mention the marketing materials it takes to sell the software.

However, if you want to get into profit quickly, the best way is to buy into a done for you setup that you can profit immediately from.

And that’s what you’re getting access to today. Proven products that are in demand that you only need to plug your payment details into and start making sales immediately.

Heck, sometimes within 24 hours!

It’s kind of like franchising, but without the millions of dollars, you’d normally have to spend to get involved.

You only need to say yes today and you can start seeing results quickly.

2020 is in full effect. And if you blink, you’ll look up and you’ll wonder where the year went.

That’s why the time to act is now. Instead of taking months to develop something like this for yourself, you only need to plug into a proven profit machine and start siphoning off profits for yourself.

Just think about it. You could realistically spend six months coming up with an offer like this, or you could get access today and make a nice amount of sales in the next 6 days.

  • I’m sure you want the latter right?
  • Use It For Your Own Business Too!
  • Although you will be getting full reseller’s rights to The 2020 KickStart Bundle, that doesn’t mean you have to shortchange yourself.
  • Take the same tools included and use them to power up your own businesses and sites as well.
  • Increase your branding, traffic, and more with The 2020 KickStart Bundle. It’s like getting two opportunities for the cost of a low one time investment!

To be honest, thank you for reading my 2020 KickStart Bundle Review! See you later.