100K Blueprint 4.0 Review – An Entirely New And Hot ECommerce Model

100K Blueprint 4.0 Review

Fastest Way To Make $200 Per Day

Imagine having first movers advantage when the internet started and you built one of the first eCommerce websites.

Heck imagine the gold rush way back when, if you were first you made a fortune!

The biggest opportunity of 2020 is happening (and if you haven’t yet registered for your seat you must do so now).

100K Blueprint is COMPLETELY different to any other eCommerce product on the market & something NEVER been taught before.

They’ve developed a super simple, easy to follow eCommerce business strategy that anyone can follow without having to manage thousands of products.

With this strategy you don’t need to worry about Amazon or wholesaling products either.

You don’t need to worry about holding any inventory, creating a massive store with hundreds of different products. You don’t need to worry about SEO, Google Ads, Bing Ads or the likes. To top it off this isn’t print on demand nor is it Etsy.

In other words they are bringing you an ENTIRELY new and HOT eCommerce model that many people are going to LOVE because of how quick and effortless the process is to create these money generating websites.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my 100K Blueprint 4.0 Review for more details.

100K Blueprint 4.0 Review



  • Product: 100K Blueprint 4.0
  • Vendor: Dan Dasilva
  • Launch Date: 2020-Aug-20
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $1,997
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

What is 100K Blueprint 4.0? – 100K Blueprint 4.0 Review

The 100K Blueprint was developed as a 12 week drip fed comprehensive eCommerce strategy. However they are taking the current e-commerce model and RE-DESIGNING it. This model has been responsible for millions of dollars generated for them just in 2019 alone and they’ve been able to take a brand new store from 0 to over $100k in a single month.

This is just ONE single store they ran and they were able to scale to $15k in a day by day 10.

They will share EVERYTHING live. They will share the store, the results they’ve been able to achieve… EVERYTHING!

As a matter of fact, taking a new asset from 0 to a few thousand per month is EXCEPTIONALLY easy with this new commerce business model.

Whaat makes this so much different is that there is no Amazon, Wholesale, No inventory, no branding, the store that is created only has 1 single product on it!

YES, that is the magic right there but of course the devil is in the details!

This model was created by a few individuals who realized having a single product on a store increased the credibility and the earning potential by almost 300%. With rising ad costs that means you can make money FASTER and without all the hassle of dealing with hundreds or even thousands of SKU’s.

This method has allowed many small start up stores to go multi national and some of these even getting MASSIVE orders from stores such as Macy’s for thousands of units (again, this is still drop shipping which is crazy)!

I bet you’ve never heard of a drop shipping store selling their products to Macy’s. They’ve figured it out and cracked the code.

He has been following this model for over 2 years now ensuring that is stands the test of time and with the new coronavirus and how ads have become even cheaper this means this is a PERFECT opportunity once again for everyone to start earning.

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How does “100K Blueprint 4.0” Works?

  • They find a product that fits their 3 phase criteria (they have tools to find these products as well).
  • And They create a simple website with this single product (this website they've created a tool that uploads a custom theme and sets up the HIGHEST converting store possible and takes roughly 5 minutes from start to finish).
  • They then have someone CREATE simple little listings for them (they pay $20 for studio quality production and will share these ads and what they look like LIVE).
  • They run $1.50 listings that work LIKE CRAZY following their ‘Blitz Bomb’ method (used ALL over the industry now).
  • They send high quality buyer traffic to the store and start seeing which $1.50 listings are performing the best. They then go ahead and copy and paste the same listing and add $5 to it so it can TRIPPLE their earnings!
  • After that they look to broker deals with USA suppliers for faster shipping (We have a source your customers will be able to have a direct connection with but they have an entire software that spits out products to your customers with ease).
  • Lastly they are going to SCALE and keep finding more and more products that they can build these stores out with. They are going to accumulate a portfolio of these stores that they can keep collecting daily income (like rent) and they grow to $100… $300… $500… $1,000 per day and they are extremely easy to build with their software.
  • The Devil is in the details but that is the basic overview and how the process works.

You are going to be receiving the following:

  • 1 – 12 Week Drip Fed training (proven training followed by over 800+ students)
  • 2 – Profit Machine 3.0 software (suppliers and store creator – extremely unique and never seen before)
  • 3 – 6 Week PRIVATE Group Coaching Calls
  • 4 – TriFunnels Lifetime Access (create funnels directly inside of your eCommerce store to increase your Average order value)
  • 5 – Incredible support and coaching – they have myself and their trained coaches. The reason why it took us 2 years to launch is because he had to find coaches that were willing to support the community and help. Coach Mario, who quit his job after joining 100K blueprint back in 2016 went on to earn over $1MM and now coaches other 100K blueprint students while they focus on finding ground breaking new strategies.
Why should you buy it?

What exactly are you going to be learning when you attend?

Great question… You’ll see how to make your first $200+ / day with only 4 single steps.

SECRET: Fastest way to generate traffic with ease without breaking the bank (even if it’s your first time).

How Dan spent $23 to make over $233 in 3 days time and how its easily replicable by anyone from anywhere in the world.

If you are serious about changing your life for the better, you will make sure to attend this live workshop!

Aside from that there are $5k in cash prizes that are going to be given way for those that attend live until the very end.

To be honest, thank you for reading my 100K Blueprint 4.0 Review! See you later.